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Introducing Vufine+


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Vufine was introduced in 2016 as a revolutionary HD wearable display that allows you to enjoy the functionality of your current technology in a handsfree environment.

Vufine is neither virtual reality nor augmented reality, but a new approach to wearables that focuses on the primary component of both devices: the display. We believe that your technology is already smart enough, you simply need new ways to experience it.

In 2017 the team introduced the new Vufine +

Built upon the invaluable feedback from the Vufine backers, Vufine are back with Vufine+ offering the next evolution in wearable displays. Vufine+ has a larger, more versatile display and a totally redefined docking station. Like the first unit, Vufine+ is able to connect to most major smartphones, laptops, tablets, drones and cameras to provide a second monitor or mirrored display for the user. This connection is achieved through the included micro-to-full HDMI cable and, depending on the device, appropriate HDMI adaptor.

The Screen:

With Vufine+ they wanted to make the screen larger and more versatile. The first campaign taught them just how many users were connecting Vufine with tablets or with smartphones displaying in portrait. With Vufine+ they made sure that no matter what device you’ve connected you are getting the largest display possible.

Display Modes:

Vufine+ offers 3 different display modes to allow users to optimize the display no matter what device they are using. The new Zoom Mode has increased the size of portrait displays and 4:3 landscape displays by 77% and the new Fit Mode expands 16:9 landscape by 33% with the Standard Mode designed specifically for unaltered 16:9 viewing.

  • Fit: The new Fit Mode has increased landscape by 33%
  • Zoom: The new Zoom Mode has increased the size of portrait displays by 77%
  • Standard: Designed specifically for unaltered 16:9 viewing.

The Docking Station:

Lastly, they completely redesigned the docking station. A new, larger display is only as good as the ability to position it to comfort. The new docking station utilizes a ball joint and pivoting arm to allow users a whole new way to adjust Vufine+ to ensure the best, most comfortable viewing angle.


By retaining the shape of Vufine, they were able to make Vufine+ compatible with all of the current Vufine accessories so users are able to further personalise their viewing experience. The Vufine+ package includes both the new and traditional magnetic docking stations with additional accessories available to purchase.

Vufine attaches to glasses via magnetic docking station and connects with an HDMI cable to avoid latency issues and preserve battery life. Powered by an internal battery, Vufine lasts for approx. 90 minutes and is capable of charging while in use for extended activity.

It can be used on prescription glasses including those with varifocal lenses.

It is a sleek, tough device that you can pop onto your glasses when you need it and pocket when you don’t. Whether for your smartphone, laptop or drone, Vufine is a simple, highly accessible tool designed to redefine your experience with technology.

Very easy to use and perfect for all sorts of users, see the links above for examples!

The Vufine+ kit comes with The Vufine+ includes the Vufine+ wearable display, Plus and Standard magnetic docking stations, 1 HDMI and 1 USB cable with microfiber carrying case.

The original standard kit includes one black Vufine, one standard docking station, a custom soft-HDMI cable (standard sized female HDMI to micro HDMI, you may need an adaptor if your device only has a mini or micro HDMI plug) one USB charging cable, one wire frame stabiliser and one pair of non-prescription glasses.

Video - a quick look at the Vufine

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As mentioned earlier, an adapter is required for connecting the HDMI cable from the Vufine to your Inspire or Phantom controller. We have limited supplies of these but they are available on our web site shop

Take a look at this video for more information:

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Yes! Not only can you connect to an analogue feed, but you can connect to more than one HDMI feed. To find out how take a look at this video:

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Vufine FAQ's - please click here for direct access to the Vufine FAQ page

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