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Joy-Stick connection

Joy-Stick connection instructions:

There are several Joysticks that are available, we sell the enclosed "DYS" joystick but there are also others available via the internet. These instructions cover the DYS joystick connection and a more generic joystick (for which we have a custom wiring harness if you need it).

Once the Joystick is physically connected to the Alexmos board, then you will need to go to the GUI to "enable" it. Simply follow the instruction in the manual (or contact us if you need help)

Please follow the information carefully:

DYS JOYSTICK (available in our shop)

This Joystick is supplied with a 6 pin cable which is 900mm long. Each of the pins needs to be connected to the Alexmos board. The following pictures show what pins are connected

a) The Blue and Yellow pins are for the push button control that can be used to change the "profiles" that you have stored on the board

b) The Red and Black pins are connected as follows

c) The Brown and White pins (these are normally used to control the Pitch and Yaw direction) are connected as follows:

d) This is a picture showing all the pins connected:

TOP TIP: There are 6 wires that are used for inputs into the board from the joystick, if you are using a slip ring harness to connect through to the board then you might be interested to know that you can reduce the number of wires from 6 to 5 by linking the yellow and black wires just beyond the joystick. This effectively connects the yellow pin directly to the ground rather than having to go through the board. This means that you will have one additional wire available to you for you slip ring harness!

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GENERIC JOYSTICK (We sell a custom made harness for this type of Joystick)

Please look at the photograph below closely. This is connected to a variable resistor using plug leads. This is connected correctly and it comes in on analogue 1.

Please note the yellow is on the second row of pins . This row are all ADC inputs.. as the picture ADC1 is left ADC3 is right all the second row. The power is the red (3V3) and Black (0V)

We have made up our own cable harness that you can purchase here

Please see the following pictures to show how the connection is made. Please note that we have included a single "blue" cable within the harness that can be used to connect to the "Button" pin on the board. This allows you to use the push function on the joystick to operate the remote button command which allows you to change the "profiles" that you have set up on the board - its the same as using the long push button but you can operate it by using the joystick instead!

The Harness (buy here)

Connection to you Joystick

Connection to the board - please note that the "blue" wire is connected to the "button pin" to allow you to use the push function on the joystick to change profiles.

Another view of the connection to the board.

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