Thursday, December 14, 2017
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We are very proud to announce our association with ShadowCam a truly exciting and innovative design that is a quantum leap ahead of other solutions. Desire RC will manufacture the Alexmos V3 Gimbal Controllers for ShadowCaml which has initially been designed for ground based cameras but an airborne solution is in the wings!

We will initially distribute the S-5 followed by additional products that cater for different types and sizes of cameras.

* information may be subject to change

Shadowcam was exhibited at the BVE 2015 show in London (Excel) and was very well received. We showed the gimbal in two specific configurations - the system is entirely modular - Actions speak louder than words so here are a few pictures and videos to show what this gimbal can do.

Oh and just to wet your appetite, we were able to switch between any one of the cameras we had at the show which included a Canon 60D, Canon 5D, Canon C300 and a Black Magic Cinema within 3 minutes - all we had to do was mechanically balance the camera, we did not have to change any of the electronic settings. We will post a video of this soon.


And here are a couple of videos

We gave the gimbal to some visitors and asked tehm to take a trip round the BVE - here is what we got

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This is a video of what a 10 year old can do!

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This is the link to the News Shooter report made at the BVE 2015 show:

VIDEO LINK click here


This is the ShadowCam S-5, the most advanced camera stabiliser in the world.

This extensive research enabled the development and realised the perfect method for its construction and use as a finished product. And for the S-5 to function as well as it does, new technology had to be invented and with that came the filing of multiple patents. From the VH1’s two-way shock system, and auto-lock camera mount to the adjustable grips and fold-flat design - all unique features, and exclusive to the ShadowCam S-5.
Along the way, the ShadowCam developers also researched and tested many electronic components before settling on AlexMos controllers and iPower motors. This decision meant that our original ethos would be upheld - to keep its design ‘open-source’, which simply means that its design doesn’t tie you to us enabling you, the user to modify and expand upon the S-5 with ‘existing’ industry standard components.
Over the last year, many ideas for the different components that make up the ShadowCam S-5 have been engineered, built, tested, then re-engineered, built again, then tested again until destruction. The frame’s design underwent many variations, with many factors having to be considered from an early stage - from the choice of materials, colours and finishes, to the type of glues, screws, nuts and bolts to be used.
Simple in form, but advanced in its development history, the ShadowCam S-5 wasn’t a solution ‘off the shelf’, but an evolution over time. Looking back, it’s clear to say that some of the early designs were a bit ridiculous - heavy, overly complicated, weak and would have been expensive to produce. But one thing ShadowCam did not want to do is rush to market a product with a flawed design, so they waited until the design was right. They listened, then they built.

When designing the ShadowCam S-5, the guys completely rethought the idea of the electronic stabiliser to create a unique and extremely flexible device that can merge with your existing equipment, enabling it to be instantly upgradable and customizable. They raised the position of the camera within the gimbal so framing a shot is easy and more in line with other standard shoulder rigs and steadicams. Its curved carbon fibre and aluminium frame also makes the S-5 compact, lightweight and extremely manoeuvrable so you can get the tightest of shots. And when the arms are folded down, the frame measures a staggering 230mm (9”) wide and can be operated with one hand!

But they didn’t stop there!

The ShadowCam S-5 camera stabiliser is the world’s first ‘3-axis’ hand-held camera stabiliser for DSLR and high-end pro series cinema cameras such as the Canon C-series, Red Epic and Black Magic that additionally dampens movement on the vertical and horizontal planes. This is achieved both electronically through the latest AlexMos hardware/software and silent brushless motors, and mechanically through the VH1, a compact two-way shock device unique to the S-5, which dampens approximately 180mm (7”) of travel when moved in a vertical and or horizontal direction, minimising the ‘bob and weave’ effect often caused by the operator running or walking. This additional dampening is just one of the features that sets it apart from other electronic stabilisers. 
S-5 : 3-axis + 2-plane camera stabiliserShadowCam

So when is it available?

The ShadowCam S-5 will be available from the end of April 2015 - this is not a typical Kickstarter type project, this has already been designed, prototyped, tested and use the latest of the Desire RC Alexmos V3 boards.

How Much?

The ShadowCam system starts from as little at £1850.00 + VAT.

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